What is Hypnobirthing?

And why is important?

The term Hypnobirthing conjures up images of women sitting cross legged under a tree humming her baby out, with zero pain relief and complete calmness surrounding her. Most people you speak to will assume this takes place away from medical health care professionals, and mums are 70’s born, hippy style peace chicks. Right?


Hypnobirthing is definitely the worst name we can give to this wonderful and transformational education course delivered to parents to be. How about:

“Power-birthing”, “Informed-birthing”, “Taking-charge-birthing”.



I could come up with a hundred more, but I’m sure you get the gist...

Hypnobirthing is a process of stilling your mind, stopping the fears you have around birth (which you have generally built from the media and horror stories people delight in telling you and not from actual real life birth stories from well informed parents), and replacing them with evidence based information allowing you to be WELL INFORMED and understand your CHOICES in birth.

It also helps negotiate the dance between Oxytocin (the love hormone that helps our babies journey into the world go smoothly) and adrenaline (the FEAR RESPONSE which restricts our muscles, blood flow and stops our flow of oxytocin), by building in relaxation triggers to our UNCONSCIOUS MIND, which will take over in labour, allowing our bodies to relax and progress in the way they are built to do.

It builds confidence in parents to be and their birth partners, encouraging them to take responsibility for their body and baby in pregnancy, labour and beyond. This means parents can MAKE DECISIONS during labour with their Health Care Providers, and are ready for the type of birth that their baby needs, whether that is SPONTANEOUS, INDUCED, BREECH, CAESAREAN etc.

And the best part about Hypnobirthing to me? Well, if parents are well informed and confident enough to allow their body the quiet and space it needs to labour baby in the most efficient way, and understand their choices in labour and when a birth is veering away from normal, and have discussed and made their choices from place of birth to pain relief, sweeps to caesarean, and the other million and one things you have a choice on during pregnancy, labour and after baby is born…then these new parents enter their new life together as a family feeling good about the birth of their baby. It is that simple, and that complicated.

Why is it so important???

Because a birth where parents feel that things were “done to them” or decisions were “taken out of their hands”, or where they felt “unheard” and “unseen”, has a direct impact on the mental health of these new parents, and their start to family life.

THIS is why I teach Hypnobirthing, this is what drives me to deliver these classes and the free meets I deliver through the PBM. Let’s reduce the rates of births that are described as traumatic, lets reduce the stress on new parents – sleepless nights are surely enough! Let’s help our new babies and parents get a great start to life. Isn’t that only fair?

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