If the plum isn’t ripe...

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

This morning I noticed the plums on my plum tree (who knew you could grow plums easily with our Glasgow weather?) looked good enough to pick, and as I plucked a couple easily from the tree it reminded me of an analogy I use in our hypnobirthing classes...

We can only pluck the fruits from the trees easily when they are ripe and ready. Just like babies will come easily when they are ready. Yet there are so many options given to us as women to interfere with that process, to interfere with our babies growth and “make them arrive” by their due date.

That is, the calendar entry given to us by calculating 10 moon cycles from the date of our last period...weird huh?

Aren’t we all different?

Do we not all form and develop and grow at different rates?

Just like the plums on my plum tree, which sprung from the same seed and earth as each other, they are not all ready at the same time...

So, If we can hold off from sweeps (yes, it’s an induction, an intervention and potentially the start of a cascade of interventions) and inducing labour when there is NO CLINICAL REASON, which means there is no threat to the health of mum or baby, then we will find that we labour easier and quicker. And, if we are labouring easily and quickly and allowing our body the time it needs to get ready, so will our babies be.

Isn’t that important?

If an intervention is being offered, please ask for the basis of it. Ask for the evidence and statistics. Question everything. Everything. It’s too important not to, when it’s been shown time and again that unnecessary interventions lead to longer and harder labours for both mum and baby.

If you find yourself in a place where interventions are being offered, you can check out the following sites for help and guidance.

Education is key to navigating the health systems and getting the best birth for you and your baby. You can prepare yourself for your birth by taking birth education classes so you can understand WHEN an intervention is warranted before it’s brought to you at a time when you feel vulnerable. Find the class that appeals to you most and empower yourselves and your babies in utero 💛

Your body, your baby, your birth 💛

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