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"Can't recommend Heather highly enough! I had a positive, empowering and healing birth thanks to the hypnobirthing and the wonderful support of Heather during the course and throughout my pregnancy.  She is so passionate about what she does and really goes above and beyond to provide the emotional support I needed during my pregnancy because she genuinely cares about the women she helps and our birth experience.  Hypnobirthing itself was wonderful for me as it helped me find my birth confidence again, helped me relax during pregnancy (I slept amazing for most of the 9 months which I credit to the tracks!), and the affirmations really helped me stay strong and believe in my body during my birth when things weren't going quite to plan, and to have the confidence to decline many interventions along the way to allow me to have the healing VBAC I so desperately wanted to achieve.  Thank you Heather for being such a wonderful support to me for my birth and empowering me to have such a positive birth experience! x"

Private 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing classes - VBAC

"As a first time Mum I would highly recommend Heather's hypnobirthing course.  Before the course I hadn't thought much about my preferences for the birth of my baby but after the first class I couldn't imagine how I would have faced it without the valuable information and teaching from Heather.  I went on to have the very positive, natural birth I hoped for and the techniques taught during the course helped me tremendously during the first stage of labour.  Thanks again Heather for everything!"

Private 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing classes - First birth

"Hi Heather, wanted to let you know that our baby has arrived safe and well.  She arrived by C-section.  We ended up having an induction...not the natural birth I hoped for but the hypnobirthing helped me stay calm during the whole process and I feel I managed well throughout the 18 hours of induction contractions.  The section was also a surprisingly nice experience...the staff were amazing and when we found out she was a girl they pulled the drapes down and it was so amazing!!!  Despite the birth not being what I wanted I did find it overall a positive experience and I was way less nervous and panicky than I had imagined!  To be honest me and my husband reflected on it and we both loved practising together with the relaxations and found it brought us closer together and made us so happy and excited for the birth.  My friends and husband noticed I was more positive and relaxed in the months before.  I found the relaxations such a calming experience and to be honest wish I could continue them post birth, will truly miss them...We want to say a heartfelt thanks for all your help and guidance, it really made a positive difference to my whole pregnancy and was an amazing bonding experience for me and my husband in the run up to our babies birth.  xxx"

Private 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing classes - First birth

"We had our baby and we're all doing well,  She was in the perfect position too - thank you so much for your help.  Labour was super quick - 2 hours all in!  I think I broke a record!"

Pelvic Balancing Class - Second birth

"I've really enjoyed the course, certainly feel a lot more positive about my options and a lot calmer and relaxed about everything.  My hubby enjoyed the class, he found it really informative and has a much better understanding on the whole theory behind everything and awareness of other options as opposed to just hospital process led.  As he said he might struggle to switch off a bit, but if its important to me and baby thats what he will do! Thanks again for all your help!"

Group Hypnobirthing classes - First birth

"Thanks Heather, I've really enjoyed the classes and feel much more calm and relaxed about everything!"

Mums only Group Hypnobirthing classes - First birth

"Before doing the session with you, I would never have believed that hypnotherapy can make a difference to how I felt, but the results have been amazing, thank you!"

3 Step Rewind Therapy - Dad

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