So you've heard it mentioned, this term "Hypnobirthing" ...but what actually is it?  And how can it help you?  To put it very simply - Hypnosis is a way of getting out of your own way, to stop the fear and anxiety from taking over, and to meet any challenges you face with more confidence and calmness...doesn't that sound ideal for pregnant women?  But why our courses?  

Our classes are for you if you want to prepare for an amazing and positive birth, however it unfolds, and want a toolbox full to the brim of knowledge and techniques for your and your birth partner to use to make sure you get the best birth for you and your baby.  The 3 sections of our classes each contain invaluable teachings for use during pregnancy and labour itself, including the amazing pelvic balancing techniques, and we believe these are the key components to getting the most positive and powerful birth:

  • The mind/body connection, and how to use it in pregnancy and labour 

  • How fear impacts labour, and what to do to stop it

  • How hypnosis works, how to do it and how to make it automatic for labour

  • What a contraction actually is, how it works, and why we need them

  • The stages of labour and comfort measures for each

  • Babies position for birth, and how it impacts your labour, and how to balance your pelvis for a swift birth

  • Breathing for birth in the different stages and Preventing tearing

  • Interventions, what they are and how to get an evidence based birth

  • What the maternity services environment looks like and understanding your health care providers

  • All types of births and your choices for each - Home/MLC/Hospital/Induction/Caesarean

  • Birth partners toolkit for reading scripts, teachings on advocacy and holding your birthing space, allowing you to relax, and prompts for labour from words, music, smell, touch to birth positions; and

  • Access to our online system with

    • refresher videos

    • virtual birth partner for those amazing prompts

    • online booklets

    • Birth signposting reference library

    • additional reading tips

    • access to lots of Hypnobirthing MP3's, one for anything that comes up

  • and my support until your baby is born! 

Our classes run over 3 or 4 sessions covering the above, and split into the following key areas:

1. Balance your Mind - the work needed to be done to help clear the cobwebs, resolve any previous birth experiences, update limiting beliefs, build your confidence and calmness and those fabulous triggers for use in pregnancy and birth for instant ease - this is the "getting out of your own way" part...  We'll build in your birth partners voice, particular words, smell, colour, music and touch as triggers for relaxation, and you'll practice them so that they become automatic in pregnancy and labour.

2. Understand your Body - learn the physiology of birth, how our babies journey out into the world, the impact of our pelvis, muscles, tendons and importance of preparing your body for birth using pelvic balancing tools amongst other techniques to reduce the likelihood of interventions...  "FTP"? There's a balance stretch for that.  "Baby too high"?  There's a technique you'll learn to help baby out.  Want to avoid tearing?  We teach you the importance of your pelvic floor & vagina for this.  

3. Choosing the right birth for you - taking time to understand & making your choices for birth, understanding the maternity systems, understanding & building relationships with your care providers, evidence based birth information, all stages of labour, techniques for comfort in all stages of labour and tools for any type of labour to ensure however your birth evolves, you can shift your sails and feel positive and confident in your new direction.  

The birth of your baby is and should be a positive and beautiful experience.  With the training and experience of our teacher you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, and you can look forward to amazing results from our classes, a more relaxed and confident pregnancy and a positive and empowering birth.

To find out more about KG Hypnobirthing, including lots of birth stories and videos from KG Hypnobirthing mums, please visit the website here, where you will also find my teachers listing. You can also get in touch with me for more information on the course and to access the first chapter of The Hypnobirthing Book for free to find out if it will be the right fit for you and your plan for the birth of your baby. 

This is your baby, your body, and your decisions - and whatever you decide I wish you a calm, confident, swift and beautiful birth

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