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The journey to parenthood may not always be a smooth one, and we can all face hurdles along the way.  You may have started off using phrases like "we're not trying, but we're just not being extra careful anymore", which after a few months were followed up by "We're starting to think about it more seriously now but still not putting pressure on ourselves", whilst in the background you are already buying Ovulation Kits and taking your temperature as soon as you wake up.  Maybe you're past the point of watching your discharge for changes and lying to your friends, and have admitted to yourself that this "not trying" is upsetting you.  Maybe you've finally said out loud "We are trying for a baby, but it hasn't happened yet". 

The likelihood is that you may be under a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress through this process, and you may not even know how stressed or anxious you are.  Stress is a key factor in the function of our body - it halts our periods and distracts our hormones, changes our ph and mood and diet and we believe that there is a huge mind/body connection that relates to our ability to pro-create.  So it must be the place we start when we aim to help anyone who is actively trying to get pregnant with our fertility support sessions.

Following closely to The Fertile Body Method, our sessions will start by bringing you back to a place of calm, so that with any anxiety and stress levels greatly reduced, we help you create a plan for moving forward in your journey.  This isn't all relaxation tracks and talking therapy, we look at our nutrition and environment also, amongst other things.  There truly is no "one size fits all", and no matter what point of your fertility journey you are at now, we build our support around your personal circumstances using a combination of coaching and hypnosis techniques that will help you align your mind and body together for a calmer journey. 

If you are having a journey that is not going how you expected, if you feel stressed or anxious about trying to conceive your baby, or if you would just like some support as you prepare yourself for your next steps in your fertility process (whether this is a medical process or not) then get in touch for a chat to see if I am the right person to be part of this journey with you.