Meet Heather Dickson




Clinical Hypnotherapist & coach, Hypnobirthing, Hypnomothering 

& 3-Step Rewind Practitioner, and Pelvic Balancing trainer

Welcome to Intuitive Birth! 



My name is Heather, and I am on a mission to make every persons journey through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood the best it can possibly be.  Because we all deserve to start parenthood feeling confident and ready to move ahead!  

But how do I do this? 

My hypnobirthing classes and pregnancy classes are designed to work with you so that you can let go of your anxieties for birth, and to fill you with knowledge, tools and techniques so that you can have a birth where you and your birth partner feel strong and in-control...and so that you will start parenthood from a place of confidence and empowerment.  It's not just a Hypnobirthing class - our programme will truly help you to kick start your new life confident in your abilities for Birth and Parenthood, more connected, on the same page and READY for anything that comes along.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can quickly and easily help you shift your outlook using mind/body connection through Hypnotherapy, and release your fears surrounding childbirth FOR GOOD.  On top of this, our Hypnobirthing classes will show you lots of logical techniques and tools for pregnancy and the birth room - from anchors for calmness to body balancing techniques to help baby's position, and lots in between - so that you and your birth partner feel as prepared as possible! By weaving in Hypnotherapy with our amazing antenatal training from a Royal College of Midwives accredited hypnobirthing trainer (KG Hypnobirthing) plus top up knowledge courses with amazing Sara Wickham, and Pelvic Balancing expertise for spinning those babies, my Hypnobirthing courses really help you to  get your mind and your body in the best place for the birth of your baby.  


I support all pregnant people, and specialise in working with those who have complexities around birth - those who have anxieties to overcome, or have experienced birth or natal trauma, or any trauma, in the past. 

SO...what's the drawback? 

Really, there is none.  You get to come along and spend some time learning about your body and mind and your baby, you release your anxieties and patterns, you get some time to relax and lots of lovely tools to keep you happy and focussed.  You can book with just £50 deposit to secure your spot and you can even spread the cost of your course.      


What do I mean when I talk about letting go of all anxieties and patterns? 

Anxieties come in all shapes and forms - sometimes pregnancy makes us anxious and sometimes pregnancy just exacerbates anxiety that already existed (even if we never knew it was there) - but whatever happens, our hypnobirthing classes help you to work on things that often come up in pregnancy and parenthood.  Have a think about these questions below...

Do you find it hard to say no, or to hold your boundaries?

Do you worry about what other people think of you?

Do you run and re-run situations over in your head?

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you afraid of failure?

Do you repeat the same words and actions your parents did when you were young?

Do you ever wonder why you react to certain things in certain ways?

I truly believe (and my clients agree) that by doing a little work on ourselves before baby comes along, whilst preparing for their birth, you will get a MUCH a smoother transition into parenthood whether this is your first baby or not. And THIS is where my course is the tonic to your alcohol free gin!


There's lots of thoughts that impending parenthood brings up for us...You may be worrying about a loss of control in labour, or the pain you're expecting to feel.  Or you may be dealing with a previous birth that didn't go to plan, or a tough breastfeeding journey.  Or you may be releasing pain and trauma from your past, unwinding repeat behaviours, figuring out why you always react to a certain thing, or why you feel frightened at particular times.  Or you may play over things again and again in your mind and catastrophise situations and leave yourself upset, and want to know why you do this!  It's really different for everyone, which is why even my Group Hypnobirthing classes include a private 1-2-1 session with each you.  So that I can help you overcome these things and feel better!

All of my classes have a focus of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, PNA, PND and trauma...why?  Because Parenthood is hard enough.  How you birth matters, because its to doorway to a new life for you, and you deserve to open that door feeling amazing!


Who are my classes, sessions and courses for?

My classes and sessions are for everyone.  On top of our wonderful Hypnobirthing classes for pregnant persons and their birth partners, I also work with clients post-natally to help release emotions post birth through Hypnotherapy, including 3 step REWIND therapy, and beyond through the transitions to finding the new you in your new world as a parent.  You can find out more about these sessions and classes here.

If you’d like to find out more, schedule a consultation call with me to ask all your questions and see if I'm the right person for you to work with


Wishing you an amazing journey in pregnancy, birth & beyond - with love, Heather x