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Heather Dickson

 CMCCH DipKGH - She/Her

Welcome to Intuitive Birth! 




My name is Heather, and I am on a mission to make your journey through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood the best it can possibly be - because we all deserve to start parenthood feeling confident and ready to move ahead!


I know how the mind can really send you into a tailspin about find out why I do what I do, read more about me and my story here... 





What do I do? 

My trauma informed, relaxed hypnobirthing classes, antenatal sessions and pregnancy classes are designed to work with you so that you can let go of your anxieties for birth, helping you understand how the mind, body and baby work together to progress labour, providing you and your team with plenty of tools and techniques so that you can have a birth where you and your birth partner feel strong and in-control...and so that you will start parenthood from a place of confidence and empowerment. 


It's not just a Hypnobirthing class - our full antenatal programme will truly help you to kick start your new life confident in your abilities for Birth and Parenthood, more connected, on the same page and READY for anything that comes along.  Click below to see how you can access my support during pregnancy privately, in a group setting or postnatal support.







What is Hypnobirthing?


There are lots of different Hypnobirthing classes out there - it's really hard to know which one is right for you!  But our Hypnobirthing classes are a bit different from the I always suggest booking a call in so we can chat through the course and see if it feels right for you.  Here's a quick snapshot of what we weave into our course that leaves you and your birth partner feeling confident, ready and in control for labour:

Want to know more about our classes, sessions and support?  Click below to read more about how you can work with me:



Clinical Hypnotherapist & coach,

Hypnobirthing, Hypnomothering 

& Trauma Resolution Specialist, and Pelvic Balancing instructor

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how the mind impacts your labour, how our natural defences can get in the way and slow it down and lots of logical tools and techniques to help you move past the mind, from anchors for calmness, music, smells, visual aids and more to help make your birth as quick and comfortable as possible.

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Our fantastic, therapy based CONNECT and PARENTHOOD UNPLUGGED programmes are here to help you post birth, to really sail through the transitions of early parenthood and relax into family life. 


If you are finding a lack of sleep, crying baby, tension with your partner, worries on feeding, worries about judgements, need help setting boundaries or any of the other thousand and one things that run through your mind as a new parent - our classes are here for you and will leave you feeling strong as a parent, more connected to your baby, and ready for all the changes parenthood brings. 

Our classes are for any parent who wants to find peace and balance in family life, whether that with your baby in our CONNECT Baby & Me relaxation classes on Thursday afternoons, or in our Parenthood Unplugged programme, the classes will help you overcome anxiety, low mood, and overwhelm whilst building your resilience, energy, understanding and motivation. 


All of our group classes are designed and delivered by Heather, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and mother, who has been through the transitions of parenthood and understands the overwhelm and anxiety it can bring.. 


If bespoke sessions specific to you and your circumstances is what you are looking for, then our Hypnotherapy sessions are for you...get in touch to have a chat and see how we can help you thrive in parenthood and life.

Ican't wait to work with you!

Hypnotherapy for life:

Post-Natal Anxiety PNA, Post-Nata Depression (PND), Trauma & PTSD, Fears, Phobias, ...

Our founder Heather is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Resolution specialist and coach, and knows and understands how to help you through whatever is going on.  If you feel stuck, low, anxious...if you have some flashbacks or triggers that bring emotional spikes...if you're struggling to find you in your life... Well, we will be able to help you.  Why?  Well, quite simply because we've been there.

A post-natal anxiety sufferer, Heather experienced first hand the difficulties of the massive transitions we go through on our journey to parenthood.  From irrational fears and panics around chilbirth, to holing away and feeling disconnected from the world post birth - she has literally felt it all.  And she knows how to help you get back to you.  Our Hypnotherapy clinic can be accessed online or in person in our beautiful premises, whatever is more comfortable to you, and we regularly run 6 week group classes to help you adjust to your new life easier.

So if you resonate with any of the above, get in touch for a consultation call and see how it feels.  And remember - you don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first step...

I look forward to helping you to feel better.

How can we help you?
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Ready to book our Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy classes in and around Glasgow?

Click on the links below for more information about Intuitive Birth and the Hypnobirthing Classes we provide.

Upcoming classes:


February 2022, 5th (SATURDAY) - 3week group hypnobirthing class - 10.30AM-2.00PM IN VENUE


Hypnobirthing classes, Pregnancy Relaxation classes, Pelvic balancing classes and Hypnoparenting classes to prepare you for a calm pregnancy, birth, and start to parenthood.


Our Hypnobirthing classes or Pregnancy Relaxation classes are for anyone who want to find out more about birth and labour, to look forward to labour, to remove any fear or tokophobia and be able to truly relax in pregnancy and birth.  Taking any of our classes during pregnancy will reduce your stress levels, increase your confidence and equip you with all of information you need to understand the medical world of birth - preparing you for a positive birth, a calm birth for you and your baby no matter how the journey unfolds.

Our Classes are held in our Family Wellness Centre in Kirkintilloch, with easy access from Glasgow, Lenzie, Bishopbriggs, Bearsden, Milngavie, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire...with private parking and a large facility meaning spacious comfortable classes for you all.

"As a first time Mum I would highly recommend Heather's hypnobirthing course.  Before the course I hadn't thought much about my preferences for the birth of my baby but after the first class I couldn't imagine how I would have faced it without the valuable information and teaching from Heather.  I went on to have the very positive, natural birth I hoped for and the techniques taught during the course helped me tremendously during the first stage of labour.  Thanks again Heather for everything!"

Private 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing classes - First birth

Our AWARD WINNING Hypnobirthing and antenatal BIRTH UNPLUGGED programme will take you (and your birth partner) from feeling scared, worried or anxious about birth, to feeling completely READY and excited for the birth of your baby!  With our Royal College of Midwives accredited training, we take you through the birth journey in depth, whilst our skills as a clinical hypnotherapist help to release your fears around the process...leaving you feeling calm, and confident in you, your body and your amazing baby so that you can meet them in a wonderfully relaxed place.  Sounds great right?


Whether you are a little, or a lot, worried about childbirth our Hypnobirthing classes give you ALL of the information you need to know to get the birth you want, with lots of techniques and tools to use in pregnancy and during labour to really help you focus, leaving you feeling strong, completely confident and in control, and in the most calm and relaxed place for family life and all the changes it can bring...sound's amazing doesn't it? 

Our "Best Bespoke Hypnobirthing Scotland" award winning classes are for any parent who wants to find calmness and confidence in pregnancy, and you can choose from Group online Hypnobirthing classes, Group in-person Hypnobirthing classes and private Hypnobirthing Classes, or our lovely pregnant person only Hypnobirthing relaxation classes on Thursday evenings in our wonderful centre. 


Get in touch to have a chat and see how we can help you thrive in pregnancy and birth.

I can't wait to work with you!


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